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Joseph ‘Joe’ Davis grew up in Puyallup, Washington and began investing in real estate in his twenties. This started his passion for real estate which, years later, would become his career. Prior to getting his real estate license, Joe worked a variety of jobs: retail, public sector, business owner and a licensed health/life insurance agent. He realizes now, every position he worked in the past, helped prepare him for his real estate career now.

As for real estate, the first property he bought was a single wide (10 ft. by 50 ft) mobile home, on its own lot which he bought for $36,500! After that, he rented the mobile and bought a 4 plex. By living in one of the units, he actually got paid to live there! Joe went on to buy a duplex, several single family homes and managed all of those rentals himself. He also bought vacant land for investment and flipped them when the timing was right. Eventually, he got tired of being a landlord and sold the rental properties. However, the knowledge he gained managing and maintaining those properties was invaluable. He now shares that experience with his clients.

Joe was also fortunate to own a few second/vacation homes, scattered throughout Oregon and Washington State. Having owned vacation properties, he understands the challenges AND joys of vacation home ownership! Central Oregon is the perfect place to have a vacation home! Use it when you want and then rent it as a vacation rental when you are away.

Joe’s first trip to Bend was in July 2007. It was love at first visit. The incredible weather, low traffic, great people, and outdoor recreation were tough to beat. He moved into his vacation home, full time, in July 2009. He loves the area, what is has to offer and is truly blessed and grateful to be able to live and work here.

In closing, whether you are looking to buy your first (or second) home, a rental or investment property, land to build on, or that perfect vacation home, Joe can help. Please contact him today, to see how he can be of assistance with all of your real estate needs.

Fred Real Estate Group Office: 70 SW Century Dr, Suite 110, Bend OR 97702 (541) 408-1988
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